Management Commitment

As Directors of Rayson Shipping (Pty) Ltd, we are fully committed, together with the Quality Assurance Manager to an effective business management system which shall incorporate all the requirements of ISO 9001:2015. The quality policy of the Company is directed towards achieving and maintaining the following objectives:

  • Open communication and the active involvement of all employees in the management of quality

  • The regular evaluation of personnel, processes and service to promote and improve quality and productivity

  • To meet the expectations and needs of our customers

  • Leadership in quality shall be achieved by integrating plans for quality improvement with overall business plans

  • Adequate control shall be exercised over all activities affecting quality by establishing clear lines of authority, responsibility and communication. Clear quality values shall be created and sustained at senior management levels

  • All employees shall be trained to enable them to meet quality objectives

  • The quality of all services provided shall be ensured by controlling processes through the medium of ISO standards

  • Appropriate measures shall be used in all activities to ensure that a prevention based approach to quality is achieved

  • To ensure that the documented, implemented quality system ISO 9001:2015 is continually maintained, the Quality Assurance Manager is the authorised management representative

  • Additionally, we shall ensure, with the continued assistance of senior management, that this policy is implemented, maintained and understood at all levels within the organisation.

BBBEE Contributor Level 2


We are proud to have achieved our Level 2 Certificate.

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